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Protecting your investment

Coronavirus -Company policy

None of our staff have travelled to any high risk countries with in the last 4 weeks. Please see the countries attached: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-specified-countries-and-areas/covid-19-specified-countries-and-areas-with-implications-for-returning-travellers-or-visitors-arriving-in-the-uk

  • Any none urgent meetings will be rearranged or being discussed via email/call.

  • Can any customers what have had any cases of the coronavirus please notify us and we will also be confirming this prior to attending site.

Aarhus staff are doing the following step in accordance with Government guidelines:

  • All Engineers and Employees that go to site have been provided with gloves.

  • Employees have access to alcohol sanitiser as well as soap and water in our toilet facilities.

  • All fabric towels have been replaced with one use paper towels.

  • Cleaning products are available to office based Employees to ensure that equipment such as computers, phones and keyboards are clean.

  • Engineers don’t come in the office and kit is collected via a storage box to limit cross contamination.

If any of our employees contract any symptoms they are advised to self isolate and make contact with NHS 111 service.

If you want any more information regarding this matter contact or team at Response@aarhusfire.co.uk