Aarhus Fire Door inspections have been developed over years to encompass much more than a simple pass/fail of doors offered by our competitors.

We have strived to work with Contractors, Joiners, Building Managers, Directors and Architects, Building Control, Fire Door Manufacturers and the FDIS to bring the best fire door product to our clients.

If your current fire door inspection leaves you with questions it’s time to switch to Aarhus fire door inspection and let our experts guide you to compliance.

By undertaking an Aarhus fire door inspection we will supply FDIS approved inspectors to inspect your fire doors BIM style software is used to assess the current fire strategy effectiveness.

Where defects are realized to passive fire and fire doors we offer a service to put together a strategic plan to resolve the fire issues in an efficient format.

Aarhus fire can bring together years of technical experience to resolve age old fire related passive and active fire problems. Issues regularly found are incorrect signage, defective doors, failed fire strategy plans, incomplete passive fire surveys and remedial works.

Many times we have identified where budgets have been overused to maintain the wrong fire protective equipment and passive fire systems that are incorrectly specified or installed in these instances we assist in bringing together Fire Engineers, Passive Fire Surveyors, Fire door Inspectors and Installers to work in unison to bring together a compliant system for the client documented in one system.


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