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Vesda installation and maintenance

Protecting your investment

Specialist smoke detection

HSSD can be an ideal solution within your premises where ordinary detection may not be suitable of future access maybe dangerous or disrupt production or your normal working practice.

When a HSSD system is installed correctly the future long term maintenance will be made a lot safer for employees and contractors, with the detection unit at ground level and test points within the sample pipework located at an accessible height.

Where necessary pipework can be hidden within voids and ceilings spaces with sample points fitted at ceiling height, this will enable you to have detection within ornate ceilings with very minimal disruption.

These systems are versatile enough to be used for High level detection where future access can be difficult such as your warehouse, High bay racking, lift shafts Industrial Freezers or when you need the very early warning detection such as Server rooms, data centres.

A HSSD system uses a sample pipe system and the latest laser technology to sample the air and detect smoke particles passing the air across the laser which can measure the particle content. This gives a very accurate way to detect a fire within the specific area.

We can design, supply and install A HSSD within you premises specific to your needs and requirements.



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