Training and assessments

Protecting your investment

Aarhus Fire have invested heavily in providing businesses with the very highest level in training courses for

Since the introduction of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 it is a requirement that ALL members of staff should undergo some form of fire safety training.

From day one of their employment, a new employee must be made aware of what to do in the event of the outbreak of fire in the workplace and what action to take. Training in the safe use of the fire fighting equipment available should be given as soon as it is practical. This training is required even when the company policy is to “Just Get Out”.

At Aarhus Fire Protection we employ ex senior fire officers, with many years experience in fire safety and fire safety training, to undertake the training sessions. To help your business comply with this legislation, Aarhus Fire Protection offers the following courses.

Practical use of fire extinguishers

This is a one and a half hour course for up to 12 delegates. The course objective is to give delegates practical “hands on experience” in the safe use of the different types of fire extinguishers using controlled live fires.

Fire Warden / Fire Marshal Training

This is a half day course for up 12 delegates. The course objective is to outline the responsibilities, duties and requirements of a Fire Warden / Fire Marshal.

The areas covered are:

  • Identifying fire risks.
  • Understanding the chemistry of fire, e. the triangle of fire
  • Fire prevention in the workplace.
  • What to do on discovering a fire.
  • Implementing a Fire Action Routine for all employees and visitors.
  • Evacuation procedures, i.e. building sweeps, roll calls etc.
  • The practical use of fire extinguishers on controlled live fires.

If required, we can create a site or business specific fire training course for your company. The course would be tailor made to your special requirements.

Risk Assessments

We can provide you with the reassurance of a full risk assessment of your investment. Following the regulatory reform (fire safety) order 2006 there is a requirement to carry out a fire risk assessment in every building where there are 5 or more occupants present.

As it is the responsibility of the landlord, employer, owner of the premises or managing agent to ensure this happens it should be a priority.

Risk Assessments carried out by our qualified risk assessors to a high standard . As we value our customers we promise that our assessments will provide an truthful reflection of your fire safety protection.